Spotlight on: Es Devlin’s immersive stage

Es Devlin is an artist and designer. From huge, geometric labyrinths, to stage designs for Beyonce – Devlin works across a range of media to fuse together large-scale sculptures, music, language,  technology and light.

‘We’re always seeking to create the most articulate sculpture, the most poetic instrument of communication to an audience. When I say poetic, I just mean language at its most condensed, like a song lyric, a poetic puzzle to be unlocked and unpacked.

Es Devlin, Ted Talk

‘I call my work stage sculpture, but of course what’s really being sculpted is the experience of the audience, and as directors and designers, we have to take responsibility for every minute that the audience spend with us. We’re a bit like pilots navigating a flight path for a hundred thousand passengers.

Es Devlin, Ted Talk

What’s beautiful about making anything with your hands is when you go back and look at that work you remember the thoughts that are encased within each decision that you made. I sometimes look at work that I made when I was very young and I can remember conversations that I was having or radio programmes that I was listening to or pieces of music that I was listening to while I was making the work.

Es Devlin, BBC Masterclass