Decorating Dissidence is currently open for submissions on the following themes:

Ceramics (deadline 18th April)

  • From Classical Antiquity to the contemporary moment, ceramics have always been central in traditions of art making and have infiltrated artists’ practices in myriad ways. This issue will explore the modern history of ceramics and the innovative directions that contemporary ceramicists are pushing the practice in. 
Image: Betty Woodman, Posing with Vases at the Beach, 2008

The Subversive Stitch Continued (deadline 18th May)

  • For many years, embroidery has struggled to shake off a twee image of elegant Victorian ladies stitching delicate floral patterns. However, embroidery has long been linked to political activism, from Suffragette banners to the Arpilleras made by Chilean women under the Pinochet regime. This issue will examine the radical history of embroidery, and spotlight its subversive legacy in the work of contemporary artists and makers.  

Rolling: Bauhaus Legacies (ongoing submissions)

  • Open throughout 2020, we are continuing to explore the legacies in the twenty-first century. We’re interested in hearing new perspectives on historical Bauhaus traditions, as well as reviews of/essays on/interviews with contemporary artists and makers who are reworking Bauhaus practices. 
Anni Albers, City, 1949, The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Bethany

What we’re looking for…

We accept: reviews of contemporary exhibitions or performances; interviews with contemporary practitioners; articles on aspects of craft and making in art, from the early twentieth century to the present day; images of art and craft work from practitioners; artist statements; and creative responses to art and craft.

We’re always open to new ideas, so if you want to submit something that’s not covered in the above, please get in touch!

Advice When Submitting Work

Word count will vary depending on the type of submission, but generally we suggest roughly 600-1000 words for reviews, articles, and interviews. 

For written creative responses, we are looking for work that directly responds to a piece of visual art or craft, or a craft technique. 

When submitting, you should include: 

  • A short 150-250 word bio of yourself, including website and social media links.
  • Relevant images

The best guide to the kind of submissions we might like to receive is what we usually publish, so please take the time to familiarise yourself with previous issues before contacting us. You can reach us at

We generally advise submitting a pitch or proposal first, so that we can discuss your ideas before you write the piece. However, do feel free to submit a full piece for review.

Please note that unfortunately we are not currently in the position to pay for submissions, as the Decorating Dissidence blog generates no revenue and everyone involved with editing and managing it is donating their time for free. We are working hard to change this in the future!