Decorating Dissidence is currently open for submissions on the following themes:

“Organ Heart Tears” (2014) by Hiromi Tango at Sullivan+Strumpf
Image courtesy of the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf

Craft, Care, and Community (Deadline: June 26th 2020)

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to reflect on the ways our lives are interconnected – we have had to look at new ways of building communities, exploring methods of making support networks when we’re locked down at home. As well as the obvious threat to physical health, the crisis has brought mental health and wellbeing into focus. Arts and crafts are playing a key role in offering a creative outlet for those isolated. This issue will look at craft’s long links to mental health and community-making. It will ask how craft and design can help us build more sustainable, healing ways of living; whether craft can provide a way of caring for ourselves and each other; if craft, design, and decorative art can be used to express our communal experiences of living through chaotic times.

American dancer and singer Josephine Baker (1906 – 1975) (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Backstage Craft – Guest edited by Polly Hember (Deadline: July 10th 2020)

  • So much of the process, practice and labour of creation operates in the background of a piece. This issue will examine the unseen aspects of art and craft that live in the recesses of the work, in the wings, behind the scenes, the studio or backstage. We’re inviting pieces of writing, creative responses, reviews, maker interviews, curator interviews, artwork and artist statements that engage with themes of backstage happenings, creative processes and the unseen elements present in contemporary craft and modernist histories.

    Please contact with any proposals, ideas, thoughts, submissions or questions by 10th July 2020.

Anni Albers, City, 1949, The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Bethany

Rolling: Bauhaus Legacies (ongoing submissions throughout 2020)

  • Open throughout 2020, we are continuing to explore the legacies in the twenty-first century. We’re interested in hearing new perspectives on historical Bauhaus traditions, as well as reviews of/essays on/interviews with contemporary artists and makers who are reworking Bauhaus practices. 

What we’re looking for…

We accept: reviews of contemporary exhibitions or performances; interviews with contemporary practitioners; articles on aspects of craft and making in art, from the early twentieth century to the present day; images of art and craft work from practitioners; artist statements; interviews with contemporary artists, makers, and curators; and creative responses to art and craft.

We’re always open to new ideas, so if you want to submit something that’s not covered in the above, please get in touch!

Advice When Submitting Work

Word count will vary depending on the type of submission, but generally we suggest roughly 600-1000 words for reviews, articles, and interviews. 

For written creative responses, we are looking for work that directly responds to a piece of visual art or craft, or a craft technique. 

When submitting, you should include: 

  • A short 150-250 word bio of yourself, including website and social media links.
  • Relevant images

The best guide to the kind of submissions we might like to receive is what we usually publish, so please take the time to familiarise yourself with previous issues before contacting us. You can reach us at:

We generally advise submitting a proposal of around 200-300 words first, so that we can discuss your ideas before you write the piece, so that we can discuss how this will fit in to the issue as a whole. However, do feel free to submit a full piece for review.

Please note that unfortunately we are not currently in the position to pay for submissions, as the Decorating Dissidence blog generates no revenue and everyone involved with editing and managing it is donating their time for free. We are working hard to change this in the future!