Spotlight On: JeeYoung Lee’s surreal sets

JeeYoung Lee is a South Korean visual artist who blends magic, fantasy and reality. Her surreal set designs open up biographical glimpses into the artist’s interior life, creating a series of extraordinary dreamscapes that also function as self-portraits. 

‘my work derives from my personal experiences. after all, it is about life. everyone goes through different events and incidents in life, but we all grow and become mature through various experiences and sufferings, walking through the passage of life and experiencing emotions — notably joy, anger, sorrow and pleasure, which we koreans consider the four basic emotions. my work tells about things from life. I’d like my work to induce an ironic state of both hope and despair.

JeeYoung Lee, DesignBoom

‘Each piece represents an event and emotional state in my life, although they roughly fall under a similar subject. Storytelling is an essential component in my creative process. I put myself in the center of the story, immersing myself to the point of obsession. I feel this process comes easy to me because I search for stories based on my experience.

JeeYoung Lee, Medium