Dada Art Jam with Bettina Fung

As part of the project ‘TAKE DADA SERIOUSLY! IT’S WORTH IT?’, Decorating Dissidence supported performer and illustrator Bettina Fung to run an online workshop and performance inspired by Dada. Using Google Documents, Fung connected with participants by using the blank pages as a place to share and connect anonymously.

Dada Performance Workshop

“With Covid-19 and lockdowns suspending live performances, Fung became curious about other ways of presenting and creating live art online, particularly thinking about the ability to experience liveness and feeling presence online. She decided to experiment with Google Docs, an online word processor that enables multiple users interacting simultaneously on the same document, and using its infinitely expanding white rectangular pages as a site for performance.”

Collaborative writing as part of the Art Jam workshop
Images from interactive performance