Spotlight: Throwing shapes with Miyelle Karmi

Miyelle Karmi makes ceramics that are bursting with personality. Starting with a lump of clay, her range of homeware, jewellery and sculpture twist and turn.

A mug might have a knotted handle or a solid circular purchase as she takes an expected form and heightens its features. Her approach to shape has a modernist element; geometrically functional.

Recently, Karmi has begun to post her pots with gorgeously styled and delicious looking food. We definitely recommend heading over to her Instagram for recipe inspiration as well as mouthwateringly styled photos of her functional tableware. Since lockdown began, Karmi found that cooking and ceramics went hand in hand: “I was living alone for the first few weeks and I found that cooking was something that really lifted my spirits, gave me a routine and was another way to express my creativity. I’ve always loved to cook so it kind of seemed a no-brainer to merge my love of food and ceramics – especially when I make tableware!”

Getting started in ceramics can seem intimidating but Miyelle makes it seem easy: “I started with a blob of clay and just started playing… I was squishing, rolling and making a mess” but the end results are nothing but beautiful. Karmi is based at Turning Earth helped, which provides open-access ceramics studio in London allowed her to create work amongst a community. It’s never too late to start making: ““For some people it might be blindingly obvious. It took me till I was in my thirties to discover ceramics and I’m so happy I did. So my advice would be to try all sorts of different creative practises as you never know what you might fall in love with, whether you’re young or old.”

I think it brings the ceramics to life, will hopefully spark some joy and give people some inspiration for meals to eat!

I was squishing, rolling and making a mess.

Words: Miyelle Karmi & Jade French

Find Miyelle on Instagram here.

About the Author

Miyelle Karmi is a ceramicist and freelance graphic designer, working in both digital and print. She has a strong background working within the fashion industry and e-commerce but also enjoys designing within other areas of advertising and branding.