Spotlight: Tatiana Bilbao

This year will see Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao begin her design for an aquarium in Mazatlán. But this is ‘not a zoo for fish‘. Instead, Bilbao’s studio will work within the Brutalist structures to create an eco-friendly, sustainable research centre that seeks to enrich its surroundings. We chose to spotlight Bilbao’s work in this Bauhaus special issue because her socially conscious architecture echoes a commitment to geometric scale and a simplicity of translating design. Furthermore, her studio eschew digital renders in favour of analogue collages to convey their vision. Using a hands-on approach to communicating ideas means that Bilbao isn’t beholden to the perfect image of a computerised ideal. She told Dezeen that she sees collage as conveying a collaborative ethos, one that holds up dialogue and teaching as important components of any architectural process.